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RAKSO Stove Glass Cleaner

The active side of the Stove Glass Cleaner is made from a dual layer of extremely fine RAKSO premium quality non-woven steel wool, which means all types of stove glass panels can be cleaned reliably and completely scratch-free.

Instructions: use the Stove Glass Cleaner to wipe the inside of the glass panel dry; the elastic non-woven steel wool easily removes even stubborn dirt and soot, leaving no residues. After use, shake and tap the Stove Glass Cleaner to remove any soot and store it in the container provided.

• Wipe dry
• Clean quickly
• No chemicals needed

Download more information on the RAKSO Stove Glass Cleaner here (PDF, 1.1 MB).
2 Stove Glass Cleaners per pack (plus 1 storage container)

How to enjoy a nice, clear view of your fire for as long as possible:
• Only use dry, untreated wood
• Place logs right at the back and lengthways across the furnace
• Ensure that both the airflow to the fireplace and any panel ventilation mechanism are working well

Things to avoid:
• Don’t use aggressive chemicals such as oven cleaners – they may cause damage to the seals on furnace doors or could stain tiles
• Conventional cleaning or kitchen sponges with rough sides for scouring (green or black) may cause visible scratches on glass panels
• Sharp metallic items such as knives, blades and scrapers may also scratch and damage glass surfaces